Flash backup problem using Update Tool 5.7.0 on VF50


I have created flash backup of image v1.4 Beta 1 with Update Tool 5.7.0 on VF50, including: Bootloader, Config Block, OS Image, Registry and File System.
When I tried to update module using this FlashBackup.bin file, OS Image doesn’t work. Through serial port i get message “Error reading OS Image from flash”, after line “Loading OS Image”. How can i solve this problem?


Are you updating modules from 1.2 bootloader? If you do this you need to 1st update bootloader and after that image.

No, I am updating module with same bootloader ver 1.4 beta 1. This is the FlashBackup.bin file that i have created “https://share.toradex.com/lhrv0amresknxan”.

Can you make a short test and dont include registry into backup. Please get back to me with results.

I have created backup without registry and it works.
Is there any solution for creating flash backup with included registry?

can you please upload this file again. It already expired and I dont have it on my PC again. I will look into the issue and if there is a way to solve it.

When i create FlashBackup file with all regions (Bootloader, Config Block, OS Image, Registry, File System, Splash screen), and update module, it’s completely dead. There is nothing on serial port. This image is in attachment. When i create backup without Splash Screen region i get message on serial “Error reading OS Image from flash”.

I cant really see from this what you change in config block. Do you resize anything? It seems that registry does not fit in the region any more and it crashes the module.

I changed FSRAMPERCENT from 0x20202020 to 0x80808080 in config.bib file in order to have 50 percent of RAM allocated for the file system. Is that a problem?

Yes it could be. Does it work of you only update image?
Can you update 1st only image, 2nd image + loader and so on, until we figure out what is the issue.

Yes, it works when i update only image. It also works when i include all regions except registry, and for the moment it is not necessary to include registry.


Could you please upload me registry backup. I will look into this when we implement update lib.

I cannot create backup of registry. When I select only Registry and click on Backup button I get following error.

Hi Milan, I am trying to reproduce this issue here. I can not find it. Can you tell me how many changes to registry you do? Do you write lots of new things?

Hi Luka, this is the reg file that I have used in my workspace.