Flash analysis for the verdin


I would like to learn how I can do a duration test for on-board flash of the verdin module. The module has an on-board flash module.

We are currently considering if we should add an external storage device to our design or that we could use this on-board flash module. And the reason why we are considering this because our device is a sensor that generates data (at a rate of ~30Mb/h when it is turned on). Depending on the lifetime of the on-board flash we might refrain from storing the data here.

I am aware of the flash analysis tool (that is still in the alpha stage). But there are two reasons why it is difficult for me to use this tool:

  1. It does not have Verdin support (yet)
  2. It is implemented through a docker and in our specific build we do no work with torizon/dockers.

So I am looking for some advice/input on the lifetime estimation of our specific application. I am not looking for a deterministic estimate of the lifetime, just a ballpark number so that we can make a substantiated decision on weather we want to use the on-board flash or an external storage module.

Verdin module has a eMMC based on MLC NAND flash memory. As with all flash memories, the write endurance is limited especially with MLC technology . So it’s recommended to have an separate storage for logs.
To estimate a lifetime you need to know not only a data rate but also a transaction size. Please check this article for some additional info/