Firmware update in the field

Hi all,

we need to update our firmware by the end-user in the field. That means there is no serial console to interactively work with.
We want to provide our firmware updates on a usb-media or via network, maybe (s)ftp, http(s) or a in-house-protocol based on can.

Is there a recommended and proven workflow for something like this?
Now to handle failures, maybe the power supply is interrupted while the update is in progress?


hi @Grimme

For the moment, we don’t have out of box solution for the OTA updates, but you can have look on the webinar with our partner, who provide a complete solution for OTA, which is compatible with our Modules.

As alternative, you can use the Toradex Easy Installer to flash complete new images to the module. If the Toradex Easy Installer is installed on the module, you can use the autoinstall feature to automatically install the image from SD Card or Usb Drive or any network location. If any other OS is installed on the module, then you have the possibility to Start Toradex Easy Installer using Distroboot from a SD Card or a USB Drive as explained here.

Best regards, Jaski