Firewall on imx6ULL

Hi, i need to add on my image the firewall like ufw.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hello @fxtsupport,

Thanks for reaching out to the Toradex Support team!

You should be able to set the firewall rules using iptables which is already available on our latest BSPs. Could you please check if that works for you?

The version installed of iptables don’t support ‘-m state’

I see. May I ask which version of our BSP or Torizon OS are you using?
Also, if you think that iptables that we have in the BSP would not suffice your needs, another option would be to build your own custom image from Yocto with the package (for example ufw) that you need.
We have a nice documentation on how to build our reference image from Yocto. Also, you could refer to the solution on this Stackoverflow post on how to add a package to the image.
Please let me know if that helps!

I need to add all ufw package. there is a guide?

Hi @fxtsupport ,

How do you plan on adding the ufw package to your image? If you’re using the Yocto Project to build a custom OS image with it: The default meta-networking layer from OpenEmbedded already has the ufw recipe, so you can just add the following line to build/conf/local.conf, as detailed in the links referenced by @rudhi.tx :

IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " ufw"

Best regards,
Lucas Akira