Firefox and CPU 100%

Hi, I’m trying to understand how the Linux scheduler works and during my tests I found this problem.
If I run 10 or 20 instances of Firefox, the two cores reach 100% (the graphics are very slow to respond) and after 10 minutes the module shutdown. After need a reset to resume it. Is it a temperature problem? I don’t find some information in the log.


I guess you bring your module into an out of memory situation which Linux is no longer able to cope with.
Normally Linux uses its ‘out of memory killer’ OOM to kill processes which it thinks are not bringinging down the entire system. But with you loading the module with that huge load maybe the OOM system can not cope.

I don’t think that you can get the Colibri iMX6 module to a temperature were it shuts itself down. At least not if one assumes the ambient temperature to be around 20-30°C.

Did you attach a terminal to the serial console at all?
I would expect at least some indication there.


You’re right. I will do other tests. Thanks