Find out which version is being installed (in progress) on a device in Torizon Cloud web UI

Hi Toradex Community!

I’m troubleshooting the installation of a custom OS package which is stuck “in progress” like this:

The update request was initiated by someone else who does not remember which exact version of the custom OS package was requested, and I need to know that for my root cause analysis. Unfortunately I cannot login anymore via SSH or serial because the OS update has created a non-booting configuration.

That information is not shown in the “More details” view:

so I can only see which was the package installed BEFORE the update.

Do you know how I can find the target package name and version when the update is requested but not finished (so “pending” or “in progress”)?

I don’t think if this info may make any difference, but we are talking about a Colibri iMX8X downgrading from custom OS built on Torizon OS v6.5.0 to other built on v5.7.2.

Thanks for any input and best regards,

Hello @ldvp,

When an update is “Pending”, the “More info” button actually shows the update which was requested.
The problem as you reported happens when the update is “In Progress”, in this state the package information is not shown.
Unfortunately there is no easy way to see this information right now.

I will check if there is a workaround and bring this to the Torizon Cloud team.

Best Regards,

Hi Luca,

I’ve put something in our backlog to get this displayed in the UI, because I think that’s a pretty reasonable request. To get the info you need right away, though, there’s a workaround you can use: you can get this information by directly calling an undocumented internal API endpoint that the UI uses (for example, with curl). Something like this should work:

curl "${DEVICE_UUID}" -H "Authorization: Bearer ${AUTH_TOKEN}"

You can get an auth token by inspecting any request the UI makes using the developer tools in your favourite web browser.

Let me know if that helps.

Disclaimer: Undocumented internal APIs are subject to change at any time. Toradex doesn’t support or encourage the use of undocumented internal APIs.

Hi @jon.tx, thanks for the workaround, I confirm calling the API is a good work-around to get the target of in progress installation!