Filesystem glitches on SD card, IRIS, Colibri IMX7D

I put a 128GB sd Card into my IRIS board carrying a Colibri IMX7 and running WEC2013. Looks good. I created a Folder, Looks good.
My program writes som lines of text in a (text) logfile. I closed my program and this wrotes also one line into this file, but now I get the error ‘No such directory’.
And yes, when I use the Explorer, the ‘SD Card’ Directory and the subdir I created were gone completely.
I have to reboot the System to find the SD Card, the subdir and the file, which contains two text lines from Startup and no line from shutdown.

This part of Software is ported from another System (not Toradex) and worked there for about a year without Problems.

Any idea? 128GB not supported? Bad SD Card, sorry, doesn changed the Card for now, have not a second Card this size.

I have done a very first test copying some hundreds of files from my PC to the device using ‘Remote Tools/Fileviewer’ Looks fine, but I cant check the Content of all this files.

Thanks for helping

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This is related to the following community post:

Dear @Gerhard
This is probably caused by a known issue in our Colibri iMX7D BSP. It will be fixed in the next BSP revision V1.2b4.
Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

is this bug fixed now?

What & how to install to get a running System?

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Dear @Gerhard
The bug is fixed in WinCe image V1.2b4.
It’s a regular image that you can install through various processes. For example