File transfer over WiFi

Hi i am using ESP07 module, is it possible to transfer a file over WiFi using this module and suppose if yes then how to do it and if not then could you suggest any other module


I never actually worked with the ESP07. From a quick look into the documentation it seems to me that this device only brings the TCP/IP protocol layers with it.
In order to transfer files you will have to implement a higher layer protocol (e.g. FTP or SMB) in your application.

Regards, Andy

hi @andy.tx @raja.tx , we want to do file transfer operation from board to Windows PC, so can we use LM816 for this purposeā€¦


Yes, you can use LM816 for file transfer. The USB client driver supports NDIS layer and it is a real network interface for the application layer such as FTP and SMB. Some of our customers using LM816 on their product, please check our community forum to know their experience:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

thanks for reply @raja.tx, can i use this FTP server directly after installing lm826 driver on my wince.


The default WinCE image contains FTP refer, please refer this documentation : for more information.