File / Folder Share in wince 6.0

we need to give access permission for the particular file in toradex (WINCE)
we have created the application using visual studio with C# and uploaded the exe file in flash disk, during running we will write the data on specific .txt file in SD Card Folder that folder need to be given permission to access from Laptop / PC. we have given IP address for the PC and Toradex it’s pinging, after words i am not getting how to proceed further
currently i am using Colibri VF 50 with Iris Carrier Board

Please suggest me or share the link

Thanks in Advance

copied the smb.exe and inf file to autorun folder and set the folder path in inf file and verified from the PC it’s not identifying the folder path, please let me know how to resolve the issue


Hi @esyaSoftware,
Please have a look at the webinterface article.