File Explorer closes immediately after opening

Windows CE File Explorer closes immediately after opening. It used to work in 1.2 beta builds .

Dear @alexn

I suspect there must be something special in your setup. We use the file explorer a lot, and never saw such a problem.
To be sure I tested the WEC2013 BSP V1.2 again on the latest Colibri iMX7D 512MB V1.1D (there is no V1.2), and was able to open the file explorer without problems.

Here’s a few things you can try

  1. Remove all external storage devices (USB drives, SD cards)
  2. Clear the registry and reboot
  3. Delete all files on the /Flashdisk, including hidden files.
  4. Reinstall the BSP using recovery mode. This will restore the module to factory defaults

Regards, Andy