Feature request: packing lockbox before downloading


I built a custom and relatively large TorizonOS image with Yocto based on the torizon-minimal.
After uploading it to Torizon Cloud and defining a lockbox, I create the lockbox with
torizoncore-builder platform lockbox --credentials credentials.zip <lockbox_name>

The metadata and image data are now downloaded file by file. As there are more than 24000 mostly small files, this takes a very long time.

It would be nice if the server could pack them into a tar archive beforehand to speed up the data transfer.

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Greetings @Mowlwurf,

We actually have a similar request in our backlog already. I can add your name to this existing request.

Just to make sure I understand though. Generally speaking, you want a better distribution/packaging method for Lockbox files so that you don’t need to download and distribute many files. Is that more or less correct? Or am I missing something regarding your requirements?

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Hello @jeremias.tx,

You understood me correctly.
Because many thousands of small files are transferred, the download speed is very low.


For better transfer to the device, we pack the update folder into a tar archive afterwards anyway. So if the server could do this straight away, it would be very helpful for us.

The cherry on top would be if aktualizr-torizon could work directly with this tar archive :slight_smile: .

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