Feature request has a bug with tags

If I try to open a Feature Request, the Tag box is not visible (see the following image), but when I try to post I get the error "You must choose at least 1 tag).

To be more detailed: after I select “Feature Request” in the drop-down menu, the Tag box is visible with the message “Select at least 1 tag”, but is hidden quickly (less than 1 second).

Hi @vix !

I’ve tried to create a new Feature Request Topic and the tag topic was there until I selected the first one, then it disappeared and I couldn’t change it anymore. I’ll inform the team about this error.

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Hi @vix,

Can you please check if it’s working now?

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yes, it works now.

This one was a feature request, but I could not post it.
Feel free to change it into featurte request

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Hi @vix,

I’ve changed it. Can we tag this post as solved?

Yes, thank you