Fast splash screen on Verdin AM62

We are currently evaluating the Verdin AM62, specially how fast we can get a splash image displayed.
So far we’ve tried TorizonOS (with TorizonCore Builder) which takes around ~15 seconds to display the splash screen.
We also tried a Yocto build based on Multimedia-Reference-Image with plymouth with the same result: ~15 seconds.

Both ways are beyond our expectations (~5 seconds).
So I mainly ask for help on:

  • Is there another way to get a splash screen as early as possible without touching U-boot?
  • Does Toradex’ downstream u-boot for AM62 supports splash screen on lvds?

Any hints that points me in the right direction are very welcome.

Verdin AM62 Dual1GB IT
Dahlia Carrier Board V1.1D | Verdin Development Board 1.1E
BSP 6.7.0 | Torizon 6.6.1
Display: Capacitive Touch Display 10.1’’ LVDS via dsi-to-lvds-adapter.

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Achieving a fast splash screen display on the Verdin AM62, particularly within ~5 seconds, requires optimizing the boot process to display content as early as possible. Since you prefer not to modify U-boot, let’s explore the options available within those constraints.

  1. Optimizing the Boot Process Without Touching U-Boot:

    • Early Kernel Mode Setting (KMS): Ensure that the kernel is configured to use KMS for the display driver. This allows the display hardware to be initialized by the kernel as soon as the driver is loaded, which is earlier than the user-space Plymouth splash screen. This doesn’t replace the Plymouth splash but can show a logo or solid color much earlier in the boot process.
    • Reduce Kernel Boot Time: Minimize the kernel boot time by disabling unnecessary drivers and services in the kernel configuration. This can help reach the user-space Plymouth splash screen faster.
    • Initramfs Optimization: Since you’re using Plymouth from an initramfs, ensure that the initramfs is as small as possible. This means including only the essential modules and binaries needed to initialize the display and show the splash screen.
  2. U-Boot Splash Screen Support on Verdin AM62:

    • While you’ve mentioned a preference not to modify U-boot, it’s worth noting that Toradex’s U-Boot for the Verdin AM62 does support displaying a splash screen on various interfaces, including LVDS, depending on the U-Boot version and configuration. This feature can be utilized to display a static image very early in the boot process, even before the Linux kernel is loaded. However, since your requirement is to avoid touching U-boot, this option might not align with your current strategy.

Given your constraints and requirements, focusing on optimizing the boot process through kernel and initramfs adjustments is the most viable path. While achieving a splash screen display within ~5 seconds is challenging, these optimizations can help reduce the time to the first visual feedback.

For the most effective results, consider a combination of early kernel display initialization and boot time optimization. This approach aims to minimize the delay before the kernel takes over and initializes the display, subsequently reducing the time to reach the Plymouth splash screen.

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Toradex AI Assistant

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Hello @FlorianG,

Thank you for sending all the necessary information. I did an initial test with our vanilla reference BSP multimedia image and with a vanilla Torizon OS image (both on the versions you specified). I can confirm that the splash screen takes about ~14 seconds on the BSP image. However, it took only about 9 seconds. It could be brought down with some optimizations. I will do some tests again and let you know what works for me.

Anyway, I am surprised that it takes about 15 seconds for you on Torizon OS, which is a big difference from what I have here. Do you have this result with your custom-made Torizon image or on our vanilla image? Did you add a custom splash screen with Plymouth or do you have this result with our Torizon logo splash screen?

Hi Rudhi,

Thanks for you reply and confirming the timing on the BSP image.

In case of Torizon OS I’ve taken a plain vanilla image from here and added a custom splash via TorizonCore Builder.

In case of the BSP image I’ve added plymouth-layer with a custom splash based on the Reference Multimedia Image.

Best regards,

Hi @FlorianG,

Thanks for the answer. I have not tested with a custom splash screen on both Torizon and BSP. However, technically this should not make that difference. I am not sure though. I will test it and let you know.

To answer your other question on whether it is possible to add uboot splash screen without touching the uboot: Unfortunately not. It will require you to recompile the uboot anyway. However, I don’t think it is that straightforward. We have to check what LVDS display drivers are available on uboot source tree and in case of a Dahlia board this will not be a complete solution. The reason is being the absence of a native LVDS connector on the Dahlia board. Are you planning to use our Mallow carrier board or your custom carrier board with an LVDS connector in production?

Hi @rudhi.tx ,

For development we are currently using Verdin-Development-Board with Mezzanine-Adapter. For production we plan to use a custom carrier board with an LVDS connector.

Best regards,