Fast boot demo with Qt Video

Hello everybody
Anybody knows which display has been used in the video onYouTube “Toradex - Fast Boot demo with Linux and Qt”?


Hello Savino,

we are looking into this. What brand and type we have been using.

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Dear @savino

Sorry for the delayed answer.

The display was a KOE TX31D200VM0BAA:

However, it can be tricky to get it depending on where you live.


What LVDS cable was used to connect the display to the carrier board and was a controller board required

Hi @Waunye11 , only an LVDS cable is required to connect the display to the Ixora carrier board. Here is the LVDS interface on Ixora.

Is there a part number & brand for the cable used. There are many lvds cables with different pinouts or would I need to terminate the wires myself?

I am afraid that you have to terminate the cable yourself.

In that case what is the name of the female lvds connectors & what gauge wire should I use?

Hi @Waunye11 ,

In that case what is the name of the female lvds connectors

I assume you are referring to the LVDS interface on our Ixora/Apalis Evaluation board. That connector is Hirose DF13A-40DP-1.25V(55). Its mating connector is DF13-40DS-1.25C.

what gauge wire should I use?

Here is my cable.

Okay great! What about the male connector for the KOE displays LCD interface and Backlight interface ? The receptacle for the lcd interface is a JAE FI-SEB20P-HF13E and the receptacle for the backlight interface is a JST SM02(8.0)B-BHS-1-TB

Hi @Waunye11 !

Could you please share your Display datasheet?

It might need not be as straightforward as attaching an LVDS connector. LVDS is not standard for the pinout and the Backlight voltage might not be compatible, so you might need some circuitry to convert/adapt it.

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TX31D200VM0BAA-KOE.pdf (507.7 KB)

Hello Waunye11,

do you still need some help here?
Did you build you custome cabel yet?

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I have the the cable and connectors now apparently the cable is just an hdmi cable with different connectors

ok let us know if you need help.

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Matthias Gohlke