Fail of Linux loading with U-boot from sources

Hi Toradex,
I’m try to compile U-boot for Colibri VF61 from source code.
I’m following to Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code | Toradex Developer Center for U-boot build. But after u-boot upgrade I got fail of Linux loading.

Below log:

U-Boot 2015.04-00359-g7f94666 (Mar 30 2016 - 15:19:58)

CPU: Freescale Vybrid VF610 at 500 MHz
Reset cause: WDOG A5 DRAM:  256 MiB
NAND:  512 MiB MMC:   FSL_SDHC: 0
*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Model: Toradex Colibri VF61 256MB IT V1.2A, Serial# 04886361
Net:   FEC
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
Booting from NAND...
UBI: default fastmap pool size: 200
UBI: default fastmap WL pool size: 25 
UBI: attaching mtd1 to ubi0 
UBI: attached by fastmap
UBI: fastmap pool size: 200
UBI: fastmap WL pool size: 100 
UBI: attached mtd1 (name "mtd=3", size 510 MiB) to ubi0
UBI: PEB size: 131072 bytes (128 KiB), LEB size: 126976 bytes
UBI: min./max. I/O unit sizes: 2048/2048, sub-page size 2048
UBI: VID header offset: 2048 (aligned 2048), data offset: 4096
UBI: good PEBs: 4075, bad PEBs: 5, corrupted PEBs: 0
UBI: user volume: 1, internal volumes: 1, max. volumes count: 128
UBI: max/mean erase counter: 44/16, WL threshold: 4096, image sequence number: 0
UBI: available PEBs: 0, total reserved PEBs: 4075, PEBs reserved for bad PEB handling: 75
Read **0 bytes from volume kernel to 82000000**
Volume kernel not found! Booting from
MMC/SD card... Failed to mount ext2
** Unrecognized filesystem type ** Booting from NFS... FEC Waiting for
PHY auto negotiation to complete......... TIMEOUT !
BOOTP broadcast 1

How to solve this issue?


With the V2.6 release we will change the UBI based boot sequence: We will put the Kernel and Device Tree in a separate UBI partition and therefor no longer distribute the Kernel and Device Tree as part of the root file system. Our new update scripts will accommodate that change and write the Kernel and Device Tree in static UBI volumes.

Now you seem to use a new U-Boot, which contains this change. You can either revert/undo this change or use our latest update scripts (see this comment and the following two). We will release a new image soon which will deploy the new format for all components.

Thank you for your support!
Have a nice day)