Facing the problem with the SD Card

Hi ,
I have tried to boot from the SD card , the SD card is getting detected on the mmc1 and it is reading some data as shown in the photo but I am not able to boot the board. I have not conneced any jumpers for the SD card booting.
My board is Verdin Development Board V1.1E
Rev 1.1
Verdin iMX8MP Q 4GB WBIT
V1.1 A
software Ubuntu 18.04

It seems the image on your SD card doesn’t meet the distro boot requirements. Please consult this article for more details

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We have created a core minimal verdin i.MX 8M plus board using yocto provided by the toradex ,following images(images_list)

can you please help me out which image will be suitable for booting from the SD card.
We have followed this link for reference https://developer.toradex.com/easy-installer/alternative-approaches/boot-from-an-sd-card-usb-stick-sata-drive/#using-wic-files .
We had used core-inage-nininal-verdin-imx8mp-20230904065218-Tezi_6.4.0-devel-20230904065218+build.0.tar this image to boot from the SD card

I’d recommend you to start with Toradex provided image as it described here.