Extracting Qt5-dependent run-time libraries/files from SDK or BSP-image of Linux

Is there any way to extract Qt5-dependent run-time files/libraries from installed SDK or BSP-image of Linux to the separate folder/tar?

We need them separately because we don’t have enough space on Colibri VF50 (only 128Mb for core Linux) to include these Qt5 run-time files/libraries to BSP-Linux image. We would like to place all of Qt5-dependent run-time files/libraries separately on the SD-card, that will be also inserted to mainboard together with Colibri VF50.


Thanks for answer.

In order to optimize the BSP-Linux image for Colibri VF50 I would like to delete some “unnecessary” (in my opinion) layers, that are listed in the file bblayers.conf, for example:
meta-toradex-tegra, meta-fsl-demos, meta-multimedia and meta-toradex-demos.

We don’t need any demos inside Linux-image as well as its multimedia support.

But if I delete meta-toradex-demos-layer from bblayers.conf the bitbake program generates following error:


If I delete meta-multimedia-layer the bitbake generates following errors:


Are these layers absolutely needed for integrity of Linux-image, thus I should not delete them, or there is some way do delete (disable) them?

The meta-toradex-demos contains the image recipe and our update scripts, if you’d like to make use of them, it is necessary.

Otherwise we try to keep our BSP layers as pure as possible, and they should work with the minimal dependencies documented in the README.

Unfortunately it seems that our share-Server did not store the images correctly, we are checking that issue. Could you attach the images again (or copy the errors as text)?

Attached again.

In general, we don’t add “unnecessary” layers just like that, every layer has its reason. But of course, depending on your use case you might not need certain features and hence certain layers, but this always comes with the need to make adjustments to the recipes to remove the dependencies…

You can fix the first issue by commenting out the following line in conf/local.conf

INHERIT += "toradex-mirrors"

With that you will loose the Toradex opkg mirrors provided by meta-toradex-demos. Note that meta-toradex-demos also include our demo images, e.g. angstrom-lxde-image. So you won’t be able to build those images anymore.

The second issue seems to be related to the on-screen keyboard florence. You can remove that from the image recipe, then it should work without meta-multimedia.

Linux build systems typically allow to build libraries/binaries for alternative locations (e.g. /usr/local) which you then could mount to external file systems. However, that is not really supported by OpenEmbedded, and we also don’t recommend doing that.

We have customers successfully deploying images with Qt5. I recommend to start with the Console image and remove unnecessary packages as well as not required components of Qt5 (e.g. Webkit saves quite some space, which modules you can remove exactly of course depends on your intended application).


You answered:

The second issue seems to be related to the on-screen keyboard florence. You can remove that from the image recipe, then it should work without meta-multimedia.

How to remove this keyboard florence from the image? Where should I make some changes?

You can remove it by removing florence from the image recipe meta-toradex-demos/recipes-images/images/angstrom-lxde-image.bb.

There is also an image recipe which only installs Qt5 and X11 ( angstrom-qt5-x11-image).

Ok, thanks.

I am analyzing recipe angstrom-qt5-x11-image.bb and have some questions:

  1. I see inside this recipe a big section GSTREAMER. Because we don’t use any multimedia resources in our solution, can I disable it completely?

  2. How I can disable in Qt5 (section IMAGE_INSTALL_QT5) some parts like QtWebKit (bitbake task qtwebkit-5.5.1+gitAUTOINC+0d592678ba-r0)? Because we also don’t need them (and maybe some other libraries of Qt5) and would like to reduce size of BSP-image.