External memory bus (Colibri T20)

We are considering using a dual port RAM to be filled by and ADC through one port and read simultaneously by the T20 through the other port.

We have successfully used the MapRegister function to map system mem into user space and it seems as if this would be a good way to access our RAM on WindowsCE 7.0. Is this possible?
How would we configure the T20 with the new RAM to make it visible to our user space apps?

It is also unclear to us whether a driver should be used and what would be the advantages of using the driver (if it exists). Possibly access to DMA?

A driver is not necessary, you can handle that with our libraries and some sample code which also uses the MapRegLib.

In order to get started, get first the following things:

You can use the sample code above to start testing the bus. Please be aware, that the this is not production ready code. Please also check the TRM about some more implementation deatils of the SNOR bus.