Extension Support for x64 and ARM64 sytems

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Currently its not possible to install the Torizon (Apollox) extension in x64 bits VScode on windows or Apple Silicon (ARM64). On top of that, I read something about a backlog. As most devices nowadays are x64, it seems only natural to add support for this plataform. Nevertheless, apple silicon has been worderful for development and compilation. Hence, I belive this feature request could provide the means to track when these features are gonna be released.

For now, I will use ssh and other tools.

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Vscode message :

The ‘Torizon IDE Extension (ApolloX)’ extension is not available in Visual Studio Code for Windows 64 bit

Hi @eyji.koike !

Please refer to our troubleshooting guide: Troubleshooting | Toradex Developer Center. In there you will find a section about this exact “issue” :slight_smile:

It would be indeed strange if we did not support x86-64 machines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indeed there is no support for Apple silicon as of now and it would be a nice to have. You could use x64 emulation on your Apple Silicon (container / VM).

Here is a thread about this: ApolloX Extension failing on ARM64

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Hello Mr. Henrique,

Thank you for your fast answer. I’m sorry, I don’t think I was clear enough. My feature request is for the extension to be ported natively on Win without the need for WSL. It would be great to not depend on it as a requirement. As an example, I have a certain computer that simply does not accept WSL. Not even a linux fresh install. But it runs windows amazinly and I just have no clue why. But if I depend on WSL, it means I have to find another way of doing things either by VM or a docker container. Therefore, I opened this feature request to bring the idea to the table.
And by the way, thank you for the article about the ARM64. I will try to use the path defined by the user xlukem, but adding the suggested extra layer of virtualization is out of the question.

If you guys find that this is not something to be in the roadmap, that is ok. But I really think the platform would benefit from this.

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Hi @eyji.koike !

Ohhh… I see. Sorry for my misunderstanding. From a development point of view, using WSL simplifies the workflow and maintenance. But I understand your point of view: not having a dependency on WSL would be beneficial for you.

This is something strange. We have several customers using WSL on different machines without issue. You could get in touch with Microsoft support to sort this out, as it is an official feature of Windows (Windows Subsystem for Linux Documentation | Microsoft Learn).

This is also quite strange

(Having to work with a computer with such strange issues, I would assess its health :grimacing:)

Thank you for doing so :slight_smile:

There is no plan to implement your feature requests, but we will bring them up to be discussed internally.

Have a nice day!

It’s a BIOS setting.

You cannot successfully install most Linux versions native if newer “secure boot” is enabled.