Expose Port in Docker

I’m right at the beginning with Torizon and Docker Images. Now I’m trying to make port 5555/UDP visible from my container to the network. I can do this in the console with docker -p … or in portainer.io but I can’t manage to configure this in Visual Studio Code (.NET Core application)

I guess I have to change config.yaml? I have tried that:

    common: {5555:5555}
    debug: {}
    release: {}
expose: 'EXPOSE 5555 5555'

This gives me the error message with the Toradex plugin V1.1:

Bad Request ("invalid port
specification: “5555:5555"”) Remote
docker exception.

With the early access version there is no error message but the port is not configured (see portainer.io)

I only found some hints in this C/C++ Development and Debugging on TorizonCore Using Visual Studio Code but no example at all.

Greetings @TriUrs,

In order to make configuration changes like port access using our extension you should generally use the configuration pane provided by the extension. In order to configure port access it should look something like this:

alt text

Let me know if you are still having difficulties configuring port with this.

Best Regards,

worked perfectly. Thank you. I have not found any documentation which describes this notation. Have I missed it?

Glad it worked for you. There’s no public documentation on this yet, we’re currently creating an article on how to use and interpret the configuration options of our extension.