Experience with REACT (or other js library)?

Hi Toradex Community

I have done some testing using REACT as WebGUI for a project. It seems to run fine on iMX8 with Torizone.
The excpeted GUI is simple and only show some sensor values and have a few configuration dialogs.

Has anyone some experience using REACT (or other simular js framework, like Electron) for doing local Web UI on Colibri/Verdin and Torizon?
Any feedback, through, ideas, demo or project would be appreciated.


Hi @TJO,

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any detailed examples or documentation we have for REACT or any other similar javascript framework/library. I do know internally some of us here have done personal tests proof of concepts with various javascript libraries. As far as I know there hasn’t been any major issues with using these.

In fact the remote web UI of our Labs project the “flash analytics tool” (https://labs.toradex.com/projects/flash-analytics-tool) uses Quasar for the front end. The source code here isn’t public unfortunately. But yeah I don’t expect you to run into any issues. If you do run into any weird issues/findings however we’d always appreciate the feedback.

Best Regards,