Expand Rootfs partition -Apalis iMX6Q - 2GB

For our application, we need to install .deb file so the Apalis iMX6 is installed with Ubuntu 20.04. The roofs memory is partitioned only with 1.2 GB where we have 4GB on-board flash. We need to know the procedure to expand rootfs partition with the remaining available space in eMMC.

Hi @Bluetronics

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if you check image.json file of tezi Apalis imx6Q file(Apalis-iMX6_Console-Image-Tezi_3.0b4.254), there we define the size of the partition

“partition_size_nominal”: 512,
“want_maximised”: true,
“content”: {
“label”: “RFS”,
“filesystem_type”: “ext4”,
“mkfs_options”: “-E nodiscard”,
“filename”: “Console-Image-apalis-imx6.tar.xz”,
“uncompressed_size”: 299.66015625

edit “partition_size_nominal” as per the requirements and save the file. Now reflash full image.

Could you provide me which Toradex BSP are you using?