Etnaviv driver in OS but Qt5 reports software rendering

I’m working on bringing up Qt5 application code on the i.MX6 in Torizon/Docker.

I’ve derived our application container from torizon/qt5-wayland:3.2.1.

The OS has the etnaviv graphics driver enabled and the GPU is present in the container and detected by /dev/dri and /dev/galcore are mapped to the container.

Currently, I am bypassing wayland using eglfs, e.g. ./application.bin -platform eglfs.

(Note however, that running on Wayland produces similar output about using LLVMpipe).

The application does come up on the display, but Qt reports:
qml: Running on a software rasterizer (LLVMpipe), expect limited performance.

Is this expected for etnaviv? The message appears to be accurate as trying e.g. weston-simple-egl reports only 16 fps:

65 frames in 5 seconds: 13.000000 fps
81 frames in 5 seconds: 16.200001 fps
80 frames in 5 seconds: 16.000000 fps

and further backed up by looking at top when the program is running, weston is using an entire CPU core while drawing.

Hey @bw908,

While I look into this, can you let us know which Torizon release you are using?
If you are on Torizon with BSP 6, you can use sudo tdx-info and post the results.

It will look something like 6.5.0+build.8 or 6.6.0-devel-20240309+build.527

And the post has a tag of Apalis IMX6, is this correct? And for completeness, which carrier board / display type are you using?

I think I found the problem… I just need more coffee. :coffee:

Our modified DTS file did not have the gpu_2d and gpu_3d nodes enabled, so of course as far as the OS was concerned, there was no GPU. :man_facepalming:

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That makes sense. Glad you found the solution. Also It must have been a good brew!


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