Ethernet to 4 x PoE

We are developing a board based on CoM TK1 Apalis , we want to have 4 x Power over Ethernet.
Can you please help me and give me an idea about how can I design it on my board ?
thank you

Dear @AnRaa1,
once again, thank you very much for using the Toradex Developer Community and for the interest in our products.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have neither a PoE reference schematic. We will eventually provide this guide to our customers but we still did not have a chance to implement it on one of our products to validate the design.

I have been checking a bit online and I found a reference design document that should provide you an idea of the devices that you should use:

As mentioned before, this is only one brand which provides similar applications ICs, I would recommend you to check for alternatives which better fits your needs and that have the best quality/price ratio. I would also check for alternative components and for the availability, these aspects are quite important when you design a new product.

I am sorry I could not provide a better help for this situation, please don’t hesitate to get back to us if you need further help.

thank you very much for your answer

You are welcome! Have a nice day!