Ethernet port not active sometimes

This is a very high priority issue. We are launching our product and at the end of our final test, we found 5 modules out of 80 (20 more to go for test) failing the power cycle test. Ethernet port is not working properly. It is sometimes working and some times not. When it works at a new power cycle, it works fine. In next power cycle, It may not work. Sometimes, power cycle cannot revive the Ethernet to work in those modules, only a hardware reset button push. It is very inconsistent.

What is the latest driver you have for the Ethernet for WEC7 OS image 1.1B4? You suggested enet_beta.dll in one of my previous emails and I was using that one in all 80 modules.

It was found that original enet.dll is working fine in one of the units that failed the power cycle test which I changed today.

I also found enet_beta.dll causes delay in Remote File Viewer file upload to very slow one. Also, the upload rate is not smooth like the enet.dll and very inconsistent (jittery) which is pretty visible from the progress bar. Although the enet_beta.dll ping result is faster than original enet.dll, it seems buggy and we need a solution as soon as possible.

I used “ping -t -l 65500” and enet_beta.dll took 13ms but when I changed to enet.dll the timing became 24ms.

I have done the test on Colibri Evaluation Board as well and I could find the same problem existing. So, it is conclusive that is it module specific problem and a Ethernet driver issue.

We have an improved ethernet driver in 1.2beta4 images and BSPs, you may try to use that one with your own image.