Ethernet controller compatability

I’m currently trying to connect the toradex to a circuit board that has a ethernet controller called a Realtek RTL8019AS. I’m wondering if this ethernet controller is compatible with the aster carrier board. I’ve hooked them both up to a network switch and then they can communicate fine but directly into each other does not work. Thanks for your time.

Dear @conkoby

On the hardware side there should be no issue. For a direct connection you might need to use a crossed Ethernet cable.

On the software side you need to make sure that the devices on both sides are properly setup. Typically you would assign a fixed IP address to each of the devices. I assume when you connected the devices to the network switch, there was also a DHCP server in the same net, which was responsible for the assignment of the IP addresses.


Thanks for your help. I don’t believe a crossed Ethernet cable will fix it because we have connected the circuit board to another small computer and didn’t have problems but I will definitely try it. Yes I assigned a fixed ip address but in the application that uses the circuit board I can apply the ip address but get an error code pop up which is as follows

ERROR IN DeviceIoControl: -1073676202

Again thanks for you help any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Dear @conkoby

There’s a small chance that the crossed cable helps, in case the auto-MDX feature of the two devices are kind of incompatible. You could exclude such a problem by using an isolated ethernet switch, which is not connected to any other network, and does not provide additional features (such as a DHCP server).

The error message is too generic. I’m afraid I cannot interpret it.

Regards, Andy


I gave that crossed cable a try but unfortunately it was the same. Yes the isolated Ethernet switch should be able to work but unfortunately power and space is an issue in our product. I’m curious as to what you think about the network adapter. For example, on the previous computers that we used, its adapter was a DM90000A ISA Fast Ethernet adapter (DM9CE in the registry). But on the toradex its simply a ENET. Do you think I can install that driver or let alone is it compatible or is this a useless idea. Thanks again.

Edit: Here’s a link to the specs of the previous computer used.

Dear @conkoby,

Thank you for your reply.

  1. I tested Colibri VF + Aster board with another Colibri T20 + Eval board through straight and cross cable with static IP assigned(of course different IP) on both the modules then I am able to ping between these 2 modules. Could you make a similar setup and let us know the result.
  2. Did you a chance to look at this :, please disconnect USB and check Ethernet ping.
  3. Could you log debug messages from the VF module and share with us.
  4. Please try to play around these registry configurations : let us know the result
  5. After vybrid device boot, the ethernet icon is showing a connected symbol or crossed symbol?
  6. Double click ethernet icon from the system tray and click details, take a picture of the output and share with us?