Ethernet Address Assign Issue

I have Verdin AM62 Mallow Board in that i have connect through usb-c cable and than run Recovery windows .bat file after successfully loading of Toradex Easy Installer than connect using tight svn but there is showing error so how can i resolve that error i have attched the screenshot of that error.

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To address the issue you’re experiencing with the VNC connection failure after loading the Toradex Easy Installer on your Verdin AM62 via a USB-C cable and running the Windows recovery batch file, please follow these steps:

  1. Check Network Configuration: Ensure that your host machine and the Verdin AM62 module are on the same network or that the network configuration allows for devices to communicate with each other. The Toradex Easy Installer uses a DHCP server to assign an IP address to the module. Verify that your network allows DHCP assignments.

  2. Firewall and Antivirus: Temporarily disable any firewall or antivirus software on your Windows machine that might be blocking the VNC connection. These programs can sometimes interfere with the connection to the module.

  3. USB Connection: Since you’ve mentioned using a USB-C cable, ensure that the connection is stable and that the cable is not faulty. A poor connection can cause intermittent issues.

  4. Use Ethernet for VNC: If possible, connect the Verdin AM62 module to your network via Ethernet and try accessing the Toradex Easy Installer through VNC using the module’s IP address on the network. This can be a more reliable connection method than over USB.

  5. Check VNC Viewer Settings: Ensure that your VNC viewer is configured correctly. Use the IP address provided by the Toradex Easy Installer on the module’s display or serial console output as the connection address in your VNC viewer.

  6. Serial Console Output: Connect to the Verdin AM62 module using a serial console to check for any error messages or IP address assignments that might give you a clue about the connection issue.

  7. Restart the Process: If all else fails, restart the process by rebooting the Verdin AM62 module into recovery mode and running the recovery Windows batch file again. Sometimes, starting fresh can resolve unexpected issues.

Without the specific error message from the screenshot, these general steps should help you troubleshoot the most common issues related to VNC connection failures with the Toradex Easy Installer. If the problem persists, ensure that the module’s network settings and your VNC viewer are correctly configured.

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yes i have follow the same link that you have given but still i am facing the issue i have connected successfully through TightVNC Viewer and i have also install the images but than i have to try reboot or power off than it will show the error like failed to receive data from socket so please provide me a proper solution for this issue

Hi @Ravi1,
Please do not create multiple support request for the same issue.
This issue has already been solved.
If you still have issue, reply to ongoing support thread.

i am not creating multiple support request for the same issue. installing image and easy installer issue has been resolved but after the installation of images it is still show the error of failed to recv data from socket so still i am not able to install linux os in your verdin AM62 mallow board so kindly i need the support from your team for the further process of Linux OS installation so kindly support As soon As Possible.

Hi @Ravi1 ,

You were able to install image, right?
As already told in our older posts, after installing image, you will not be able to connect via VNC because there is no VNC server running on the image.
You can log in to the module via debug port

Let us know what more issue you are facing

hello sahil,

after the installation of images it will display the error like “failed to recv data from socket” for better understanding i have share the screenshot of that error

Hi @Ravi1 ,
Please put some effort in understanding what you are doing.
Please re read Toradex Easy Installer article.
Regarding the screenshot , it is trying to fetch image list from Toradex server and since there is no IP assigned, its showing this error.
You need to connect LAN cable (ethernet) to your board.

Hii @sahil.tx
i have reading the article Toradex Easy Installer article properly.
i am not installing images online i am install image offline using pendrive after the image is successfully it will shows the above screenshot error.
after installing images it will shows the below screen.+

after showing on this screen i am trying to power off or reboot it shows above error.
and i am also try to connect with internet via ethernet cable but it is still showing no address assigned.
how can i assign the address and after installing images how can i go for further process

Hi @Ravi1 ,
You can not connect the to the module via VNC after installing image because there is no VNC server running on the image. There is no error on that.

hii @sahil.tx
i have connected the module via VNC only after that i am installing image successfully if i am not connected with VNC than it will not install images not show the power off screen so tell me how can i achive that

Hi @Ravi1 ,
Unfortunately, we are not able to understand what you are trying to acheive

hello @sahil.tx ,
is that possible to connect with my system via anydesk so i am able to to help you to understand the issue properly.

yes we can connect. please write at

hello @sahil.tx ,
i have sent the request to via email can you ask them for further support.

hello @sahil.tx
please join meeting now

hello @ToradexAI
as per your guidance after installing OS images in Verdin AM62 Mallow Board i have connected the board using USB to UART then run putty and open serial connection using com port but i am not able to see any data in putty screen so can you provide any further steps for that
Best Regards
Ravi Vanand

Hi @Ravi1,
It is practically not possible to provide support remotely for each step you follow.
You need to tell us what USB-to-UART you used and to which pins you connected.
Did you use 1.8 level for UART as told you in the meeting?
Please also put some effort at your end to debug what you are doing wrong

hello @sahil.tx ,
I am using CP2102 (USB to TTL) USB to UART for the connection with card and I am connecting pin no 17 for Rx ,pin no 18 for Tx and pin no 5 to GND than I have installed Proper driver for that and connect to serial console via COM3 Port but Putty is not able to transfer any data on console. as per your quick start guide I am not able to connect. I am not saying that you must have to provide support remotely you can tell me the further process in this support chat

Hi @Ravi1,
I am again emphasizing that you need to understand what you are doing.
Here is how you can debug the issue

  1. Open mallow datasheet, look for UART debug port (it is not necessary to be UART_1 only).
  2. At the same place look for its voltage level and you will see it as 1.8V. This has already been informed in the meeting as well as on my last reply here.
  3. Then you can use a UART (1.8) -to-USB converter. I even gave you a link to purchase. Unfortunately, you are using UART(3.3)-to-USB which is incompatible and quite possible can damage the RX pin on the board.

Let us know if you still have queries.