Error when using MSMQ

Hello, when I’m using MessageQueue the application throw this exception: Message Queuing has not been installed on this computer.
Where have this resource to install?

MSMQ is not part of our images. You need to build a custom image with MSMQ component included and, anyway, Windows CE can work only as a client and you will need a server to route messages between different devices.

Custom image build: You can download our BSP and Workspace from T20 / T30 WEC Software | Toradex Developer Center

You will need VS2015 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 installed on your PC. After that, you can open this files, add the component and build your image.

If you need to do inter-process communication between processes running on the same device you may use point-to-point message queues: Message Queue Point-to-Point Reference (Compact 2013) | Microsoft Learn If you need module to module communication you can consider sockets and eventually a messaging/RPC procol on top of that layer.

Do you have any example to using WriteMsgQueue in c#? Always returned false to write a message.

I didn’t test it with C# only with C++. Since it’s not Toradex specific I’d recommend to use Microsoft community -