Error using SPIDEV in Colibri Evaluation Board with Colibri-imx7


I am using Colibri Evaluation Board (latest version) with Colibri-IMX7-EMMC SOM.

I have connected an ADXL345 accelerometer module to SPI bus via SODIMM_86, SODIMM_88, SODIMM_90, SODIMM_92 pins.

I have rebuild the OS using colibri-imx7_spidev_overlay. I am also able to see the “colibri-spi-cs0” in /dev directory.

I wanted to run the SPI sample code from

I have build the program, but I am unable to push the code and deploy. It asks for some password and if I enter Docker hub password, it fails. Please guide how to use SPI bus in Toradex.

Which OS you rebuilt?
Also, there is no need to rebuild the OS for applying overlays.
Please read about overlays from here

I used the TorizonCore builder to apply overlay.
OS: Torizon 6.6.0 with PREEMPT_RT patch, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Any answers to my original question?

Are you there?

Hi @rajdeepteck123,

Sorry for delayed response, I was on leave last week.

Regarding your issue, can you please also confirm are you able to use your docker login outside vs code?

Additionally also let us know do you want to push your image to docker or you are trying to deploy application container to module, if you waant to deploy to module then you need to select Run and Debug (Ctl + Shift+D) → select Torizon ARMv7 and this should deploy the container to module.

If you still face issue please share complete logs in text format to further check.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar