[ ERROR :: run-torizon-binfmt failed with exit code 64] - VS Code IDE Extension Issue Report (3359a074ad1e5758dabd6d8d7aa726f9)

OS: linux :: arm64
Distro: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Extension activation logs:

 Activating Torizon IDE ...
 Telemetry is enabled
 Extension collects completely anonymous telemetry data about templates usage. Participation in this anonymous program is optional, and you may opt-out if you'd not like to share any information. Check: https://github.com/toradex/torizon-experimental-torizon-ide-v2-docs/blob/main/USAGE-DATA.md#opt-out
 Telemetry allows us to accurately gauge templates usage. This data will help us to focus better on the most used templates, adding new features and putting effort in the right place.
 Resolving host IP address ...
 Host IP address OK
 Docker installed OK
 Docker running OK
 Docker compose OK
 PowerShell OK
 git OK
 dig OK
 avahi-resolve OK
 nmap OK
 iputils-ping OK
 file OK
 sshpass OK
 net-tools OK
 Cloning project templates
 Project templates clone OK
 Checkout templates repo to dev OK
 Project templates updated
 Checking connected devices ...
 Scanning Torizon devices ...
 Configuring debug id_rsa ...
 Debug id_rsa OK
 Torizon IDE extension activated
 ERROR :: run-torizon-binfmt failed with exit code 64

Tasks logs:

The argument 'exit' is not recognized as the name of a script file. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

Usage: pwsh[.exe] [-Login] [[-File] <filePath> [args]]
                  [-Command { - | <script-block> [-args <arg-array>]
                                | <string> [<CommandParameters>] } ]
                  [-CommandWithArgs <string> [<CommandParameters>]
                  [-ConfigurationName <string>] [-ConfigurationFile <filePath>]
                  [-CustomPipeName <string>] [-EncodedCommand <Base64EncodedCommand>]
                  [-ExecutionPolicy <ExecutionPolicy>] [-InputFormat {Text | XML}]
                  [-Interactive] [-MTA] [-NoExit] [-NoLogo] [-NonInteractive] [-NoProfile]
                  [-NoProfileLoadTime] [-OutputFormat {Text | XML}] 
                  [-SettingsFile <filePath>] [-SSHServerMode] [-STA] 
                  [-Version] [-WindowStyle <style>] 
                  [-WorkingDirectory <directoryPath>]

       pwsh[.exe] -h | -Help | -? | /?

PowerShell Online Help https://aka.ms/powershell-docs

All parameters are case-insensitive.

 *  Der Terminalprozess "pwsh 'exit'" wurde mit folgendem Exitcode beendet: 64. 
 *  Das Terminal wird von Aufgaben wiederverwendet, dr羹cken Sie zum Schlieen eine beliebige Taste. 

Reported by: @undefined

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Thanks :robot:

The extension is failing on the task run-torizon-binfmt. This task is defined as such in .vscode/tasks.json:

            "label": "run-torizon-binfmt",
            "detail": "hide",
            "command": "pwsh",
            "type": "process",
            "presentation": {
                "echo": false,
                "reveal": "silent",
                "focus": false,
                "panel": "shared",
                "showReuseMessage": true,
                "clear": false
            "args": [
                "--rm --privileged torizon/binfmt",
            "dependsOrder": "sequence",
            "icon": {
                "id": "layers",
                "color": "terminal.ansiCyan"

As you can see its just running a powershell script. The script being provided by us via the extension. Seems like something went wrong during the execution of this. Perhaps powershell wasnt configured correctly? Or something to this nature.

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OS: linux :: arm64

This is weird, the extension does not support VS Code host in Linux aarch64 only Linux x64.