Error Opening Com Port in Colibri T20

I have a Colibri T20 Module and Iris Carrier Board. I am doing a Simple UART program. I am using X14 connector on Iris Board. At first after deploying the serial program, it works OK. During 2nd time, after deploying it on board, when I open the serial.exe, it shows “Error Opening Com Port. Could not Open Com Port”.

I restarted the module, deployed it again and it was working then after some doing some changes, and deploying it again. It shows “Error Opening Com Port. Could not Open Com Port”. Restarting the module again solves the problem.
Why it is happening. Why I cannot use the Com port 2nd time. Why do I need to restart the board again.?

@Krew: Which Image Version are you using? Are you using a .NETCF application or native C? Could you please send us some code or a sample project of your application so, we can quickly try to reproduce your issue?

@samuel.bissig I am using Windows CE7 and I am using the C++ code from the knowledge base.

And which image version?

From where can I know the image version. I ordered the colibiri T20 and wince7 was already installed in it. So I don’t know which image version is it.?