Error in installation when even installing from root

I’m new to this platform and I’m stuck at the installation of ubuntu into my toradex module (colibri VF). I have installed virtual ubuntu for the purpose. Please find the attached image for your reference. When I give in the command “ -o” it should normally transfer the files to the sd card. But in my case it is giving an error “please unpack the tarball with root rights”. A thing to not here is that already I’m in the root. Any urgent help would be appreciated.

Hi @Nivetha,

Please extract the image “Colibri-VF_LXDE-Image_2.8.7” with root permission.
In the screenshot, you seems to have tried extracting an older image with “sudo”

Would you give any reference command

Hi @Nivetha ,
To extract the image with root permission , use “sudo”
eg sudo tar xjvf Colibri-VF_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610.tar.bz2