Error in flexcan include freeRTOS

I’m trying to include a “flexcan.h” file, to a “gpio_sample” for freeRTOS firmwares. But I can’t build it. I’m retrieving many errors like this:
In file included from /home/userFolder/freeRTOS/freertos-toradex/examples/vf6xx_colibri_m4/demo_apps/gpio_sample/main.c:39:0:
/home/userFolder/freeRTOS/freertos-toradex/examples/vf6xx_colibri_m4/demo_apps/gpio_sample/armgcc/…/…/…/…/…/platform/drivers/inc/flexcan.h:103:40: error: ‘CAN_ESR1_TWRN_INT_MASK’ undeclared here (not in a function)
flexcanStatusTxWarningInt = CAN_ESR1_TWRN_INT_MASK,

I have no Idea what I’m doing wrong. thanks

The flexcan driver available in the src tree is applicable for iMX7, not for VF61.

Hi, is there any flexcan driver to use from M4 core in VF61? or is it in the roadmap? thanks

There is no driver and we do not have plans porting the driver.

However, since it is the same IP, and there is a driver in the FreeRTOS i.MX7 BSP, it shouldn’t be too hard to port it to Vybrid…