Enabling MPTCP on kernel 5.2

I need a quick support, I’m trying to enable MPTCP feature at kernel, but I can’t see it at menuconfig.

could you help me?

Hi @gfpalma , welcome to the Toradex Community! Toradex BSPs use a base kernel from NXP, which itself is based on the mainline kernel.

I’m afraid I don’t have any experience with MPTCP so I’m not sure what is needed but have you checked the requirements for this MPTCP? Are its kernel modules/drivers added to the mainline kernel for 5.2? Otherwise, you will have to add this yourself to your image through a Yocto compilation.

I quickly checked and it looks like you need to add the sources but this might be outdated: MultiPath TCP - Linux Kernel implementation : Users - Do It Yourself browse