Enabling BT Audio speaker functionality imx7

colibri imx7d emmc
Linux BSP 3, kernel 4.14

We use the Colibri imx7d and we have the same Wifi/BT module as you have on the imx6 module with Wifi AW-CM276NF

I would like to know what extra features I need to enable when I compile the kernel to support the ability to be able to send audio over BT to a BT audio speaker.

BT and Wifi works perfectly for us.

Hi @eoin_oc1 !

You are using the Wifi AW-CM276NF module connected to which interface on Colibri iMX7D?

And, please take a look at this Verdin IMX8MM: configuring BT Audio post.

Although it targets Verdin iMX8M Mini and BSP 5, it might be a good reference to follow.

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Thanks for the useful info, how can I edit the volume? I am sending to a Bluetooth speaker, I am the source.

I can already play back through my speaker after following that guide, but don’t know how to do volume control

Hi @eoin_oc1,

did you try to use alsamixer on your module?

More information can be found here:

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Heres the trick for changing the volume

amixer -D bluealsa set ‘17932 SPEAKER - A2DP’ 0-127

the 17932 was the name of my BT speaker are checking

amixer -D bluealsa scontrols

Hi @eoin_oc1 ,

Thank you for letting us know, glad that it worked.

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