Enable UART D on IMX8QXP Colibri

Colibri iMX8QXP 2GB WB IT
Colibri Evaluation Board Rev 3.2
Torizon Core 5.7.0+build.17

Hi, I want to enable the UART D, on pins 30 RX and 28 TX, someone can help me with the right process?

Greetings @jalvarado,

Well by default SODIMM pins 28 and 30 are configured as Colibri PWM B and C respectively. To use these as a UART instead, you’ll need to disable the respective PWM interfaces (assuming you don’t need them), then redefine their usage as UART related pins.

Pin behaviors can be modified in the device tree. General details on this can be found here: Device Tree Customization | Toradex Developer Center

Best Regards,