Enable power supply on Yavia J3 and J4 inside U-Boot

I use Verdin iMX8M-Plus mounted on Yavia carried board, and when TorizonCore is running, I see power supply (5V, 3V3, 1V8) on the pins of J3 and J4 Extension connectors.
This is ok, and I use them to power-up some custom interfaces I plugged to J3 and J4 (custom ADC, rotary encoder, …).
I need to debug those devices with JTAG (Segger J-Link Plus) from Cortex-M and so I have to stop the boot inside U-Boot. This has been discussed in other topics on this community with the help of @hfranco.tx.
But when I stop the boot inside U-Boot, no power is driven to J3 and J4 pins, and so my devices don’t work.
Is there an easy way to have the power on J3 and J4 when the Verdin IMX8M-Plus is in U-Boot?

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can someone help with this topic, please?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @vix ,
Which TorizonCore version are you using? This kind of behavior should be fixed in the latest nightly of TorizonCore 6.4.0

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Hello @josep.tx
I have an old 6.3.0 Nightly (more or less 4 weeks ago), but I’m going to update to the latest 6.4.0 Nighlty.
Which behavior has been fixed?

  • Cortex-M can be debugged with JTAG when TorizonCore has fully booted (so, no more need to halt it inside U-boot)?
  • power is driven to J3 and J4 pins in U-Boot too (and not only in TC)?

Hello @vix,

power is driven to J3 and J4 pins in U-Boot too (and not only in TC)

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If the Verdin module is fully inserted into the Yavia board, the voltages (5V, 3V3, 1V8) should be available on the pins of the J3 and J4 extension connectors approximately within 100ms after powering up. This should occur regardless of the software running, be it U-Boot, Torizon Core, or any other application.

I confirm that with the last Monthly 6.4.0-devel-202309+build.13 the voltages are available on the pins.