Enable MCP23S17 driver on TorizonCore

We plan to use TorizonCore with our custom carrier board. We continue to test and add support for each hardware component on the carrier board.

Our board uses an MCP23S17 16-Bit I/O Expander with SPI Interface. There is a in-tree driver but it isn’t enabled on current builds of TorizonCore. In order to enable the driver we need the following kernel option:


We have tested it on a custom yocto project image and it works.

Could you submit a request to have this option enabled for future releases?

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Greetings @mmarcos.sensor,

No problem let me go ahead and forward the request over to our team.

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@mmarcos.sensor As seen here: pinctrl: enable Microchip MCP 23xxx I/O Expander support · toradex/toradex-kernel-cache@cf62fa8 · GitHub

The requested config has been added. You should start seeing it in our nightly builds as well as our future releases going forward.

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