Enable HW watchdog in Apalis TK1 in u-boot

The Apalis Linux BSP v2.7b1+ does not support the hw watchdog in u-boot out-of-the-box see a later comment in this related question. (The hw watchdog is supported from point in time where the kernel boot is triggered. Not before kernel boot.)

As adding hardware watchdog support to u-boot is very module specific I have some questions:

(A related question about which config variables er available in u-boot: https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/13828/available-u-boot-configuration-variables-in-apalis.html )

I guess the hw_watchdog_init() function (which is usually called in board_init() dependent on CONFIG_HW_WATCHDOG and used to put the watchdog functionality into) needs to be added…

Unless we would actually implement the same I do not have any definite answer for you.

Hi marcel, thanks for the answer.

You are very welcome.