Enable CONFIG_LOGO_CUSTOM_CLUT224 for colibri imx8 for Yocto Reference Image

Module: Colibri imx8
Yocto Reference Image

I am building the Yocto Reference Image for Colibri iMX8, and I want to enable the splash screen on the Linux Kernel.

I followed this document Splash Screen on the Linux Kernel | Toradex Developer Center, created the logo_custom_clut224.ppm, copied it to the ${S}/drivers/video/logo/logo_custom_clut224.ppm in the linux-toradex_%.bbappend.

But which defconfig file should I modify to add the CONFIG_LOGO_CUSTOM_CLUT224=y ?

I created a patch for the file arch/arm64/configs/toradex_defconfig, and I can see the line has been added to the file:


But the build/.config file still doesn’t have the line:


Which defconfig file should I modify to add the CONFIG_LOGO_CUSTOM_CLUT224=y?

After spending hours, I still can’t get the CONFIG_LOGO_CUSTOM_CLUT224=y working. So I used my own ppm image to overwrite the default logo_linux_clut224.ppm file in the do_configure:append function. This didn’t fix the original problem, but my own splash screen does show up now.

A new problem is that, though the splash screen shows up, the boot messages still print on the bottom half of the screen. Is there any way to totally disable the boot messages?

For anyone who is interested, I changed the u-boot parameter and the boot messages on top of the splash screen are gone:

setup=setenv setupargs console=null consoleblank=0 earlycon vt.global_cursor_default=0