EMI EMC issue - To Toradex - Apalis iMX8QM

We have been using Toradex Apalis module having i.mx8qm processor from NXP.

Our product is an Infotainment system targeted to be placed in truck for North America region.

We have connected LVDS displays over the LVDS signals coming directly from i.MX8qm processor.

We are running FCC pre-certification tests on our product and it is failing in Radiated Spurious emission test.

The spurious emission is being generated at the LVDS signals itself from the Toradex SOM connector.

Below are the frequencies where we are observing spikes along with the signal-strength of the respective frequencies in FCC Radiated Spurious Emission test.

MHz dBm
68.2 -49
826 -49
579 -50
195 -54
341 -55
375 -52
579 -51
648 -51
826 -49
![table_emi 645x336](upload://biwmZXD9nl66NtbbunvvXMJz8c0.png)

Image is attached for the same.
Please advise how we can remove the interference and pass FCC.

Hi @vedantsuthar,

There is already communication going on with same issue from your company. Please do not create multiple ticket for same issue.

Update: We have requested for your custom baseboard schematic to further check.

Thanks and Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar