Embedded System WinCE

Hi All,

I need to port my winCE Device to Linux due to my some of the Requirements are not satisfied with the current one which i have submit the system am using is colibri t20 imx6 with this configuration am using visualstudio2008 to develop the Application but am not able to copy the files more than 1GB to my embedded device to Pendrive Or other Storage media how can i achive this feature with my current system.

Usually SD cards and USB drives are formatted using the FAT32 file system, which has a maximum file size limit of 4GB. By default, WinCE internal storage uses the exFAT format, which supports files up to 128 PB. However, the maximum internal storage of Toradex modules based on iMX6 is 4GB, so using a FAT32 formatted USB drive or SD card should be fine. Can you provide more details about the issue you’re experiencing when trying to copy files larger than 1GB to your embedded device using a Pendrive or other storage media? Specifically, which steps need to be taken to replicate this issue? I attempted to copy a 2GB file from a USB drive to the internal “FlashDisk” and it worked as expected.