Embedded Linux OR Torizon which to use?


I want to know which way i should go, embedded Linux OR Torizon.

So i am currently using a linux dev kit from Digi which has an RGB LCD connected to it. It uses a yocto based system.

I was originally developing using Eclipse on an Linux PC BUT had issues when i wanted to use other libraries such as libwebsockets.

Due to this i had a software company create me a setup where i used a windows PC and visual studio along side a docker that used a linux pc for the actual building of the app and transferring to the linux module.

OK, Digi is no way setup like Toradex ( Learnt that the hard way !!)

SO, i need to use and configure an LCD along with using various libraries.

What should i choose

Embeded Linux and Eclipse OR Torizon and visual studio ?


Greetings @adrian,

The choice between our Embedded Linux BSP vs our Torizon BSP greatly depends on your requirements and expertise.

For our Embedded Linux BSP it is assumed you will create a custom Linux Image using the yocto/open-embedded build system. You can use our image here as a reference but it is not recommended to ship just the reference configuration. Meaning it is expected you either have some yocto experience or are willing to learn.

With Torizon we ship something closer to a production ready Linux image. There is no expectation here to rebuild the Linux image. However we instead employ a more non-traditional Linux workflow using containers, which may also require some learning.

However now that I’ve said all this I see you’re using the Colibri i.MX6ULL. For this SoM we do not support Torizon in any official capacity. We do have some experimental builds of Torizon for this SoM but we do not test it or support any bugs that may arise from this combination of software/hardware.

Best Regards,

@jeremias.tx i have designed and manufactured by carrier board for the imx7d w/ 1GB
I am using torizon w/ docker containers.

i now have the following requirements, so can you please tell me which I should use between embedded linux / yocto and torizon?

i added a 2nd ethernet port via RMII bus
i added a RTC via I2C
I have LEDs via GPIO
I have 3 serial ports via 3 UARTS

please would appreciate guidance

In the future for new questions could you please create another post rather than asking on an existing one. It’s easier for us to organize and respond to you like that.

But in short, Torizon is built on top of the our Embedded Linux/Yocto. Therefore the main difference comes down to how you prefer to customize your Linux image. If you already have experience and knowledge with Yocto then you can use either. However if you do not it’s highly recommended to go with Torizon.

Best Regards,