Embedded linux multimedia os image intial interface changing

I installed the embedded linux multimedia os image in my apalis imx8 quadmax system.
but I am getting an interface of movie book ordering app .I need to develop a new application into my system…how can I remove this interface and get it ready to make a new one.?

Hi @Sarath1,

What you see is our default demo application since you flashed reference multimedia image.
For application development with yocto BSP linux, you will need to build custom linux image using yocto then next step is to generate SDK and develop application.
Please check below reference link for same


to stop demo application use below command

systemctl disable wayland-app-launch.service

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Ritesh Kumar

It already has a default application which means all these set up steps are done…right…?
So can I use the same folder and change the files and generate the application in the same OS image…?

Hi @ritesh.tx ,

Is it not possible to create application using reference multimedia image.

Hi @Jintu @Sarath1,

Reference image is provided for demonstration purpose only, one needs to generate image by using Yocto and subsequently generate SDK and start application development. Steps and respective documentation is already shared previously.

If you do not wish to work with Yocto build then we do have our Torizon OS where one can leverage containerisation for application development and deployment. Please do check below links and let us know if you have any queries

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

can i customize the embedded linux multimedia image rather than starting from the beginning using yocto project

Hi @ritesh.tx,

Can I build an application in my host device and make it run on the board?
Can I customize reference multimedia image?

I think what you’re looking for is here: BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project Software | Toradex Developer Center

Hi @Jintu @Sarath1

Can I build an application in my host device and make it run on the board?

Yes, we shared document for same. Please check here

Can I customize reference multimedia image?

Yes, using Yocto build you can customise image and generate SDK for application development. Please check here

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar