EIM on M4 coinciding with Recovery Pin

We need to disable the recovery pin (SODIMM 91) from the Device Tree or disable this step on the Linux/U-Boot.

We are using the EIM on the M4 auxiliary core. It works just fine, however it uses the pin 91 as OE#. Unfortunately, the very same pin is used by the A7 to enter Recovery Mode.

This causes 2 issues:
First, even a probe on the pin will cause the board to enter Recovery before booting any core.

Second, we need to alter the Linux Device Tree so the kernel will stop panicking since all this pins (ADDR_0 to ADDR_15, DATA_16, WE#, OE#, CS0# and DMQ_0) should not be used by our application.

We solved the first issue by setting a resistor between the probe and the pin 91. On our carrier board we have a resistor between the same pin and the EIM port, so we will need to double check this issue later.

The only issue now is the RDC. We need to remove the EIM address from the dtb that goes to Linux.

The weim is already disabled by default in the device tree. I will continue with the issues in this thread: