eFUSE recovery Colibri imx6ull

I’ve tried to enable the fast boot on my Colibri imx6ull eMMC by programming the fuse as written in Linux- Booting so I’ve sent the command

fuse prog 0 5 0x00005072
Before sending the command the fuse value was 0x00000090 and after the comand I’m reading 0x000050f2.
Now when I boot the screen turn on then off and then nothing seems to happen, I guess it’s bricked, but there is any way to solve this?

Hello @gb20,
can you share the full name and version of the module that you are using?

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I’m using a Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB WB V1.1A
and carrier board Viola Plus V1.2B

Hello @gb20

Unfortunately this is not an eMMC module, it’s a NAND one. Only the Colibri iMX6ULL 1GB has eMMC, so the procedure listed there is not valid for the module that you have.

Section 1.3 of the datasheet specifies the memory type and size for each IMX6ULL variant.

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So the module is gone? there is no way to revert the fuse to the original values?

Hello @gb20 ,
Unfortunately, this process is (mostly) irreversible. This is the explanation ( taken from the NXP forum)

In more details, eFuses are the One Time Programmable (OTP) bits, their value of 0 corresponds to default (intact) state, 1 corresponds to blown state. So, you can blow the OTP bit from 0 to 1 only once, but never can revert it back from 1 to 0. So, if a fuse that shall be blown was not for some reason, you can go back and try to blow it once again at any time, but if a fuse was blown just by mistake, you can never revert it back.

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