EEPROM for end use

Are the EEPROMs available for non-Toradex use?

We are using the Verdin iMX8MM with a Mallow carrier board and therefore have 2 different EEPROMs, one on each board. Reading through the forum, I found this reply which seems to indicate these are only for Toradex use. However, there is a chance that some of the space has been decided to be available to the user. Is it possible to use at least some of the address space of these builtin EEPROMs?


How many data you want to store in the EEPROM?

Are you planning to create your custom carrier board?

It isn’t much data, as low as a few bytes but maybe up to 1kbit (half of the EEPROM). We are doing a custom carrier and can add our on EEPROM to the I2C bus, same bus as the Mallows EEPROM.

As an option, if we could use even a small amount in the module/carrier EEPROM for their unique identification (or know the current definition of it), and supplement it with our own EEPROM for the larger data, that might be okay too.

Do you think there is room to use half of the existing EEPROMs? a quarter maybe?

You could consider utilizing the second half (128 bytes) of the EEPROM on a Mallow board. However, it’s important to be aware that Toradex reserves the right to utilize the entire EEPROM for internal purposes in the future. And we strongly advise against using the EEPROM on the module

This sounds good, we will take the advice and incorporate our own EEPROM.

Is it possible to get the definition of the data currently stored in the two different Toradex EEPROMs?

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