Eclipse tool chain configuration

Hi Team,

I’m trying to make Eclipse build setup and configurations linking to yocto build SDK for apalis imx8 .
I have referred to the following configuration link.
(Configure Eclipse - Getting Started with Toradex) .

After compilation of hello_wold.c , some errors due to Eclipse configuration.

Please suggest / link to make proper Toradex Eclipse configuration and any specific Eclipse version required to install on a ubuntu host machine.

Host system :

  1. Ubuntu 20.04
  2. Yocto SDK build for apalis imx8

Target board:

  1. apalis imx8 and Ixora carrier board

Attached screenshot .

How can I get the compiler to work? and make build for target apalis imx8
Deepak jewargi

Hi @djewargi,

Please reconfirm to export/configure terminal first with SDK and then launch Eclipse from same terminal and configure using proper env variable such as ${CC} for compiler and same for other flags.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

Yes, configured and it’s working fine. Thank you