Eclipse on Windows [ SDK ]

I install Eclipse in Windows8, config the all toos ARM.
I creat program “”!!!Hello World!!!" and Debug on VF50_yocto = ok.

my question : whats SDK use to program console( gpio,dma,serial, creat file) ?


Hi Carlos

Note that Toradex’s Linux Team discourages the use of Windows as a cross compiling host for a Linux target and recommends using a Linux host, either in a VM or native as the preferred solution.

  • One does not fall into traps stemming from case (in)sensitive file systems, other path separators (#include sys/time.h), use of Linux specific tools in makefiles …
  • One can build / test part of the solution by compiling for the host. as GUI and many interfaces are available with identical interfaces.
  • One gets accustomed to managing a Linux OS on a regular PC which does not have the additional hurdles an embedded target poses.
  • You won’t get good support from us as we do not use such a setup.

Having said that, we generally do rely on the regular Linux abstraction of subsystems and do not provide a user space library which would add some further and proprietary abstraction.
This page links the various articles we have on the Toradex specific part for various subsystems.

Note that in Linux there is a strict separation between what the kernel and user space does.

The kernel and only the kernel manages the hardware, irq, dma, filesystem etc. and provides this abstracted through interfaces to user space programs. E.g. DMA is something which is not visible from user space, so if you really need to change how DMA is used, you will have to configure or change the driver associated.


Hi max,
I’m testing on windows first, then doing this with Linux VM.
For those who do not master Linux, starting to make installations causes many errors, very easy to give up.
At least here on windows worked.

appreciate your help.
thank you.

You are very welcome to try compiling Embedded Linux applications on Windows we just do not support any such configuration as we do not believe this making any much sense, sorry.