EasyInstaller shows [image requires a newer version of the installer] for "TorizonCore with evaluation containers" package

Colibri module in Toradex Col.Ev. Board is running EasyInstaller v1.7. I follow the quickstart guide for using TorizonCore, so I downloaded the EasyInstaller package for “TorizonCore with evaluation containers” from Downloads & Installers | Toradex Developer Center, unpacked and put it on a USB stick since I do not have an internet connection.

But the EasyInstaller running on the Colibri shows the package grayed out (not selectable for installation) with the text “image requires a newer version of the installer”. So I did an update of the EasyInstaller on the Colibri from 1.7 to 1.8 (latest version) but the TorizonCore package is still grayed out with the same error message.
How to proceed for installing “TorizonCore with evaluation containers” on the iMX6?

Problem solved, I had to install EasyInstaller Beta Release 2.0b6 to enable installation of TorizonCore with evaluation containers

Glad you were able to resolve this. Just to clarify yes our newer images like TorizonCore require some mechanisms that are only present in the newer versions of Easy Installer. We plan to be promoting the 2.0bX Easy Installer as the new stable release rather than the 1.8. So hopefully this is less confusing in the future.

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